Home visit

0. Plan your home visit

Is the patient likely to have coronavirus? Situation analysis

Prepare the necessary equipment, at a minimum:

  • Masks
  • plastic bags
  • hydroalcoholic gel solution
  • spare socks / overshoes


1. Arrival at the patient’s home

On greeting the patient, ask them if they have recently experienced any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • dry cough
  • fatigue / aches
  • or even a sore throat / diarrhoea / conjunctivitis / headaches / loss of taste or smell / a rash.

If they have recently been in contact with anyone who may have coronavirus.

If the answer is yes, assess the situation and consider postponing the session for 2 weeks.

If the patient is already wearing a mask, ask them not to touch the mask for the remainder of the physiotherapy session.

If you do not want to change socks, you can use overshoes.

Entering the patient’s home barefoot is not recommended.


2. Equip and educate the patient

3. Exercises with the patient

4. Treatment in bed

5. Leaving the patient