Risky situation?

Am I at risk?

Use the tool provided by the Swiss government to assess yourself

– Take the test –

The Swiss Association of Independent Physiotherapists recommends that physiotherapists classified as at risk of developing complications refrain from any work in contact with patients.

If in doubt, call your GP.


Is my patient high risk?

When making appointments AND just before the session, run the patient through the self-assessment tool provided by the Swiss government:

And / or check that they have not recently experienced any of the following symptoms:

  • fever
  • dry cough
  • fatigue / aches
  • or even a sore throat / diarrhoea / conjunctivitis / headaches / loss of smell or taste / a rash,

and that they have not recently been in contact with a person who may have coronavirus.

If the answer is yes, assess the situation and consider postponing the session for 2 weeks.

If in doubt, ask the patient to phone their GP.