Which equipment?


How to disinfect your hands

Using a hydroalcoholic gel solution (for 20 seconds)

Using water and plenty of soap (for 60 seconds)


Which mask to use?

According to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), hygiene / surgical masks are sufficient to protect against droplet infections during non-aerosol-generating procedures.

According to the WHO, medical staff wearing a mask homemade from clothing are at greater risk of infection than those equipped with a mask intended for this purpose. They are therefore not suitable for the practice of a medical profession.

For essential treatments for symptomatic patients, or aerosol-generating treatments (respiratory physiotherapy, physical exercise), the FOPH recommends wearing:

  • FFP 2 – 3 mask
  • safety goggles / protective visor (to be disinfected between patients)
  • a gown
  • vinyl (or latex) powder-free gloves


When to wear a mask?

During each treatment with a patient

  • Put the mask on before entering the patient’s home
  • Remove the mask when leaving the patient’s home


How to use a mask?
  • Before putting a mask on, wash / disinfect hands
  • Apply the mask with the coloured part facing out and the metal tab at the top, so the mask covers the nose and mouth
  • Adjust the tab on the nose to limit leaks
  • Adjust the mask at the neck
  • Be sure to adjust it to the best fit for your face in order to limit any gaps between the mask and your face
  • Do not touch the mask once fitted and do not allow it to rest on the neck or the forehead. If you do touch the mask, wash / disinfect your hands and change your mask
  • Change the mask if it becomes damp
  • To take the mask off, remove it from behind (without touching the front of the mask), discard it immediately in a sealed bin and wash / disinfect your hands
  • Do not reuse a single-use mask